Monday, April 23, 2018

Fast Track - No Limit

Speed.  It’s exhilaration. It’s freedom. It’s risk. It’s escape. It’s sex. And its money... fast money, quickly won and quickly lost.  But for four young people, Nicole, Mike, Katie and Eric, speed is something else entirely. It’s a way of life... and the only way they know that they’re alive.


They need to prove it to themselves every second of every day...and not just in their cars and not just on the streets.  Speed has a price...and the cost isn‘t always measured in cash.

Sometimes they have to pay with a piece of their soul, a measure of their freedom, or one of their dreams. Sometimes they have to pay in blood. This is what binds our four characters together...and what tears them apart.

In a race, it’s not the cars that thrill and enthrall us, it’s the drivers...and what’s driving them.  It’s the conflict between these characters, their struggle to survive and achieve their dreams that FAST TRACK is all about. Like a match to gasoline, FAST TRACK is the explosive combination of youth, passion, sex and intrigue with the action of urban car racing.
There is nothing like it.

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