Monday, April 23, 2018

Hammer Heart

The half-brothers Hammer and Heart accept a difficult inheritance: the workshop of their mother, Roswitha. Heart, the Las Vegas gambler, wants to sell the junk-filled property immediately, so he can live it up with his dancerchick Gina. But the good-natured boxing trainer Hammer wants to hang onto the place because the big grouch has a soft spot for Yüksel, momma’s former mechanic.


But when they realize that their favorite enemy, Don Leone, has zeroed in on Roswitha’s Autoparadise, the brothers try to transform the run-down shop into a flourishing business. Easier said than done: after all, the two argumentative brothers keep getting in each other’s way. But when it comes to defending momma’s inheritance, they speak with one voice: their fists.


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