Monday, April 23, 2018

Good Girl - Bad Girl

Maria is a virtuous nun with principles of iron. Vanessa is a voluptuous gogo dancer who lives life by her own rules. The two women have only one thing in common: they’re identical twins.

For years, they have gone their separate ways. And now, suddenly, Vanessa is standing in front of the convent door. Maria senses trouble, and she’s going to be proved right. Vanessa is on the run from the brutal drug dealer Gromek. Among her things: a case full of diamonds that the gangster is zeroing in on.

An involuntary role reversal turns the lives of the disparate sisters completely upside down. As go-go dancer Vanessa tries to rescue the convent from destruction, Maria the nun faces the greatest test of her life. To bring in Gromek and his thugs, cowl and crucifix trade places with highheels and hotpants...


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